29 March 2007

Test Your Sans Spotting

Try this test that Dave passed along:
[ Helvetica vs Arial ]

23 March 2007

Assignment 3 Visual Research

Regarding Assignment 3, here are some things that interest me. These are intended as things to perhaps inspire you, but not necessarily solutions that I am directly looking for.

and I have to mention this since Rachel pointed it out.

Also on the link below with David Colley's lecture on the grid you can view some of the student animation pieces that fuse music and typography.

Assignment 3

This project will utilize grids and typography to explore the narrative potential of typography related to music. This project will be three weeks so you will need to show work as required and concentrate on creating your solution by the due date (see timeline).

You will be provided with a number of mp3 tracks. Choose one track that you would like to work with. The tracks are all of a similar nature, and most contain little to no lyrics. After you select the track that you would like to work with you will need to listen carefully to the track making notes of emotional reactions which you gather from the music, points in the composition where the intensity of sound varies, introduction of instruments, etc. Create a visual timeline of the music or a representation of what you hear.

Using the provided grid as a starting point, begin building a visual interpretation of the track using typography. Since lyrics are limited you are going to need to choose how to incorporate words or letters. Again, think about the emotional content of what you are hearing, what does it remind you of and how would you show it?

Typeface selections for this project are the same as the last project. I would advise you to work with one typeface in the beginning. If you feel that at some point in your composition that your type should change then this is an option, but I challenge you to work with one. Think about how you can use the variations of the typeface… are there parts of the song that are bolder, or where italic would be appropriate? Can you convey the entire meaning of the music using only kerning or scale to illustrate the sound? Also consider how you can show the movement of the track on a static sheet of paper.

The overall objective of this project is to convey your song to a viewer
in a visual solution. The viewer should gather an interpretation of the song without ever hearing a note.

Timeline 03.28.07: Preliminary sketches/crit. | 04.04.07: Refined sketches/individual meetings. | 04.11.07: Project complete/final crit.

Grid Info
If you are using InDesign CS or did not receive a copy of the grid file in class the measurements are as follows: document size, 10"w x 5"h, margins: top, inside, outside are .25 in, bottom is .325 in. 10 columns with a gutter of .075 in. Vertical guides are placed at 1-1/8", 2", 2-7/8", and 3-5/8".

Track Info

Best Ballroom/Spearmint

Alone in Kyoto/Air


Aux Cyclades Electronique/Bertrand Burgalat

Bathroom Girl/Air

Candlelight/The Urchin

Charly/The Prodigy

Cosmic Interlude/LTJ Bukem

Dreamin'/Wax Poetic


The Future Sound of Acid Jazz/Nightmares on Wax

Give it Away/Zero 7

The Glass Bead Game/Thievery Corporation


Leave No Trace/Witchman

Les Nuits (Fila Brazilia Mix)/Nightmares on Wax

Meera//Tek 9//Four Hero Remix/DJ Cam

Mind Eye/Nightmares on Wax

My Love (Steve Angello & Sebastian Ingrosso Remix)/Justin Timberlake

Nights Interlude/Nightmares on Wax

Problem Child/Squarepusher

Samba Tranquille/Thievery Corporation

Sure Thing/St Germain


Traktor/Matthew Herbert

Triumph of the Heart (Soft Pink Truth Remix)/Björk

Ultrasonic Sound/Hive

Here is an ai template that you can use for your cd slipcover. If the file changes names just make sure the ending is .ai so it will place in InDesign.

[ cd slipcover die-cut ]

12 March 2007

Grid System Introduction

Please watch this series of four short films on the grid system. The site linked below is the online companion to Rob Carter's Typography book. Take a few minutes to look at some of the pages and you might be interested in seeing some of the student work on the site.

Your next project will relate to grid systems and typography, and we will go over this in our next class after break.

[ David Colley, Grid Systems Lecture ]