17 January 2007

Materials Needed

In addition to Rob Carter's book, listed below, please purchase the following materials. You may already have some of these from a foundation course.

+ tablet of tracing paper, I suggest the 8 1/2 x 11 size or something around that range.
+ aluminum ruler, 12" size, cork back or other is fine
+ plastic eraser
+ kneadable eraser
+ drawing pencil, should be one of these:
Very hard - 4H to 6H
Hard - 3H to 4H
Medium hard - H to 2H
Medium - HB to F

For next weeks class bring Rob's book, read (skim, look at the pictures) the posted "Story of Typography" pdf below, and look up some of Adrian Frutiger's work.

The other materials you will not need to bring for next week, and you will also not need to bring your computers for a while. I will let you know before they are needed.

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