05 April 2007

Assignment 4

You will be creating a postcard that will serve as a promotional piece for a designer which you will research. The postcard should measure 4.25" x 6" and you should address both the front and the back of the card.

The front should contain an image by the designer and you can either choose to show an entire image or you can crop into the image and show only a portion of it. Whichever you choose you need to use a hi-res image which will mean that you may have to scan a large image from a book, or if you use artwork which you find online please make sure it will maintain its quality at the final size.

The back of the postcard should include the following: the designer's name, birth and death date (optional), a short bio of the designer (approximately seven sentences), and a url to find out more information about the designer. For this project I ask that you use Helvetica, however if you used Helvetica for Assignment 3 then you can use Adobe Garamond. If you want to use an additional image you can do so but your overall goal is to create an interesting typographical solution for the back of the card. Consider playing with the size of your type, the way it is oriented, etc.

For class next week please bring a minimum of 7 sketches of the postcard design for feedback and review. This class will be your only chance for feedback before the project is due the following week at our final class.

The designers you have been assigned are as follows:

Saul Bass / Scott

Max Bill / Matt

Josef Mueller-Brockman / Renata

Seymour Chwast / Rebecca

Kyle Cooper / Gillian

Pablo Ferro / Felipe

Milton Glaser / Sarah

April Greiman / Amy

Tobias Frere-Jones / David

Zuzana Licko / Rachel

Max Kisman / Jessica

Vaughan Oliver / Jennifer

Paul Rand / Sohana

Stefan Sagmeister / Helen

Paula Scher / Belinda

Carlos Segura / P. Scott Makela / Andres

Eric Spiekermann / Yen-Ting

Wolfgang Weingart / A-Young


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