10 February 2007

Slacking on the Blog...

Sorry I haven't been updating the site as much as I would like. Here are some interesting things to check out.

[ Paula Scher ]
Hillman Curtis interview of Paula Scher
Paula is an icon of the New York design scene. Best known for her work on the Jazz Center at the Lincoln, the Citi logo, and her theater posters, it is a great interview.

[ Hillman Curtis Interviews ]
Also via Hillman Curtis are a lot of great interviews with Stefan Sagmeister and Milton Glaser (both mentioned in class), Pentagram, and David Carson.

[ Daily Type ]
Daily Type is an ongoing series of type explorations by a collective of Russian designers.

[ Typography Resources ]
A link from one of my professors, this site has a lot to offer on the history of typography. Check out the silent film on Goudy's creation of a typeface.

[ Bembo's Zoo ]
In the history of type lecture I referenced Bembo's Zoo which is a flash piece that creates animals from the typeface Bembo.

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